Hi, I'm Lotanna Ezeogu.

Multi-Award winning Networking Expert with over 200 introverted clients across 8 countries.

Founder of SKILL TRIBE.

Most people know that we are more disconnected and isolated than ever due to rapid development of technology.

Everyone should be able to network and socialize easily but this is not the case, especially for introverts.

I founded SKILLS TRIBE to teach introverts to network easily, through free and priced resources, and by doing so help people all around the world to connect more.

I’m dedicated to teaching introverts how to make real connections in business and life, within a short time, without it being forced, calculating or boring

Nothing happens without people, this is what I truly believe, which makes people the biggest asset ever.

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Skills Tribe is trusted & talked about by smart and influential brands:

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I send out emails to those on the VIP list and they happen to be pretty's not just me saying that:

This was a very insightful post, Lotanna! Thanks a lot for sharing and for consistently adding value. Enjoy the weekend
— Tosin Oketunji @okettstudio
Getting these notes from you are more than you will ever know
— Isioma @miss2mrsng
I look forward to Thursdays now because I know you have something smart to say
— Precious @pweshus1

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