The Skills Tribe Story- How it all began

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear
— Zen Proverb

So, where did it all begin? It’s really difficult to say, it’s really difficult to pin it down to a particular moment, but there are certain Aha moments that stand out.

The story of Skills Tribe will not be complete without these 3 things:
1. Getting my full-time dream job.
2. Learning about Passive income and leverage.
3. Learning about Information Products.


First things first, I have had a number of dream jobs in the past but none of which have been for more than 90 days. I did freelancing for a couple of years and it was so much fun but the money was unstable. Living on fluctuating income is not fun. I moved back to Nigeria and landed a dream job working in fashion (I am a big fashion lover). Good hours, fantastic location, great pay, great opportunities and an amazing boss. I was super giddy at first, but after the excitement died down, I started to feel that something was missing.


Soon after, I attended a seminar that educated me on Passive Income & Leverage, I had a paradigm shift. I started to really understand how the richest people in the world did not exchange time for money but found systems that multiplied their time and allowed them to leverage their time. I also started to believe that maybe, just maybe I could stop exchanging time for money and get wealthy in a couple of years.I turned down the offer and decided to get on with building passive income.


A lot of people did not understand my decision; they felt I was leaving something safe for the unconventional and the unknown. In retrospect, I have learnt that there are easier and less scary ways to transition from staff to boss. I, however, do not regret doing it my way because it allowed me to truly focus and immerse myself.



My third Aha moment, happened when I decided to make the shift from Physical Business to Online Business, I realized being online would save me a lot of traffic time/road rage and help me multiply my time by reaching other people.

I attended an Online Business Workshop and I heard the term 'Information Products' for the first time, my mind was blown. That was the moment I got inspired to launch my first online business, at that time, I thought it was going to be an online extension of my physical business but it turned out to be something related but completely different. How I got clarity to do what I do now, is a story for another day. 

Information Products got me believing I could not only make money but help people and impact lives doing what I loved.

Skills Tribe was born after months of research and market analysis. After interviewing over 200 people most of which were creative entrepreneurs and working with a small team to create a comprehensive plan. After combing through lots of data and feedback, I compiled the most important lessons and frequently asked questions, which are going to be offered here for your review and implementation. 80% of my strategy, results and findings will be offered for free either via online workshops or blog posts, the remaining 10%, my secret sauce, will be for my paying clients.

Skills Tribe is a place for shy and introverted to learn skills that will make their businesses stand out

For starters, I will be focusing on helping creative entrepreneurs build a network of people that value their work (both clients and well wishers) so they can have more fun in their business and make more money.

Skills Tribe is a consultancy designed to help creative entrepreneurs reach more customers through improved networking. Skills Tribe is the place you come to for knowledge as a small business that desperately wishes it had a marketing department but can’t afford to get one.

My strategy for networking and building a tribe of people that value your work is fully customizable and very deliberate. You will be able to implement my easy to follow techniques.

Some of the people I have interviewed have been natural born networkers but most of them have been everyday people like you and me that find it difficult to start conversations and feel like fish out of water when networking. The good news is, these everyday people have been able to implement my tips & techniques and get results almost immediately.


The goal is not to manipulate people into getting things they neither want nor need, but rather find the people who need what you have to offer and who will be eternally grateful to you.


Lastly, for me, Skills Tribe is about proving to myself that I can start a profitable business making an impact and doing what I love with little or no money in Nigeria. Do, I get scared that I will fail? Yes, but not as much as I used to because just a few months down the line, I already have a lot of clients with amazing results. I also get very upset at the direction Nigeria seems to be taking, it's is truly difficult to run a business here. If you can run a successful business in Nigeria, you can run a business anywhere. The struggle is real.

If you can run a successful business in Nigeria, you can run a business anywhere.
— Lotanna Ezeogu

Frankly, I am tired of complaining about the government and have decided to use what I have, to do what I can. This will be my way of changing the world one step at a time by helping entrepreneurs in the way that I know how to. Hopefully, I will be able to help people from all parts of the world, isn't that the point of online businesses?

Thanks for reading my story to the end, If you are interested in what I have to offer, know someone who will be or just want to follow my journey, kindly share this post and sign up for my VIP list here 


*** UPDATE ***

A few months down the line, I realised that most of the people coming to me + the clients I liked working with were introverted entrepreneurs who didn't consider themselves creative entrepreneurs, so I dropped the "creative" bit