The true cost of not socializing

But by the end of this article [or the video], you’ll be up to date on shocking research around socializing and human connection which will help you understand the severity of the problem and that a long, happy, healthy life doesn’t happen without people. Nothing happens without people.

Loneliness doesn’t only feel bad but comes with a variety of health issues and reduces life span.

You’re probably thinking ‘It can’t be that bad’ but what I share is researched backed and I’ll show you...

In 2017, former U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, called loneliness a “growing health epidemic” in a Harvard Business Review essay, citing a study that showed that social isolation is “associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Rigorous studies have linked loneliness and social isolation to:

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Depression

  • Diabetes and

  • Suicide

You can also Google Stephanie Cacioppo, director of the Brain Dynamics Lab at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, to go in-depth on all the negative health effects.

Shocking right?

Whether or not you agree with the results of the data…We all know that social isolation is a serious matter.

Some suggest that the rapid rise in technology has made the world more disconnected than ever. We live in a world where people can have hundreds of followers on social media but none in real life.

More people are living alone, getting married later, having fewer kids…

Suicide and depression are at an all time high.

Need vs Want

connection is one of the 6 fundamental human needs [not wants]  which  means that we need social bonds in the same way that we need food and water.

I remember the first time I ever heard...connection is one of the 6 fundamental human needs. I was doing the dishes and listening to an audio file.

Up until that moment, I had never really thought about it before then.


I only really understood it after I stumbled on a Facebook video that hit the nail on the head.

The video was about a guy that charges $80/hour to cuddle and talk...nothing sexual, you just sit in his beautifully Feng shuai-ed apartment smelling of lavender or roses (or whatever diffuser he's using that day) and just talk and/or cuddle.

Yes, you read that right.



Video stats

The video had 20,820,711 views, 225,161 shares, over 110,000 likes and over 30,000 comments (and this was over 2 years ago) 

20 million views!!!

My work with Skills Tribe makes me realize more and more how fundamental and necessary human connection is that’s why It’s no longer a surprise that brands like The Cuddle Sanctuary, or even Rent-A-Friend exist, where people pay between $30 - $250/hour to rent friends or cuddle.

But is there an upside to feeling lonely?

According to University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, “an occasional and transitory feeling of loneliness can be healthy and productive. It’s a biological signal to ourselves that we need to build stronger social bonds”

Introverts also thrive on a lot of alone time but whether you are introverted or not, no one really wants to be alone ALL the time. Having people around keeps things interesting.


My points is...

Craving friendship and wanting to connect with people is not only a fundamental human need but is also great for your health.

Everyone should be able to network, socialize and make friends easily but this is not the case especially for introverts because it’s not in our nature to put ourselves out there.

Whether we like it or not, the world is being deeply affected by this issue of disconnection and I want you to know how to fix it, which is why over the next few weeks, I will be sending out emails and videos to the VIP list that help you learn to network and socialize effectively.


You might be think that disconnection doesn't affect you and that you’re not lonely but If you still have desires and goals then you need to be networking and connecting with others. I’ll talk more about that in my email next Tuesday (join the VIP list to get that email… it's free) .


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